Ionbond Coatings and Technology


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1. Ionbond introduction

2. FDA approvals & coating properties

3. Coating technology overview

4. Case studies & benefits

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6. Conclusion


Jan Schmalhorst, Michael Helmes, Dr. Antonio Santana

Technological flexibility for the highest performance

Increasing competitiveness and driving down costs are important considerations for any company in the food processing industry. The right coating can provide wear resistance and component longevity that will improve the performance of your equipment, reduce maintenance intervals and increase ease of operation. In a sector that is massive and growing, with supply chains and markets that span the globe, Ionbond™ food contact coatings can help your business thrive.

Ionbond food contact coatings all have US FDA Food Contact (TOR) approvals, which was established after strict tests of biocompatibility, migration, wear and dissolution in various environment. Ionbond food contact coatings are used in the meat, fish, fruit and vegetable, grain, bread, biscuit, sugar and oil processing industries, as well as in pasta manufacture, chocolate making, brewing and cooking.

In addition, these high-performance coatings have all proven themselves in the harsh conditions of the tool, industrial components and automotive industries.

The coatings have outstanding mechanical and tribological properties:

  • Abrasion resistance for reduced wear on machines and components

  • Anti-sticking properties to prevent food from sticking to the tools and machine components during processing

  • Performance under dry, low-lubrication conditions, excellent when oil is not allowed

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