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Chemical Vapor Aluminizing (CVA) is based on the CVD process and is used for the production of diffusion aluminide coatings for high temperature applications. In the 900 - 1050 °C process, aluminum diffuses into the substrate to produce intermetallic compounds – aluminides.

The CVA process is designed to create homogeneous aluminide diffusion layers with controlled thickness, aluminum content and structure on special high temperature nickel alloys. Both low and high-activity aluminides can be deposited on internal and external areas of components. Besides simple aluminides, the Ionbond CVA process is capable of delivering precursors for the deposition of complex coatings with the addition of Cr, Si, Co, Hf, Y and other elements.

The aluminides offer remarkable resistance to high temperature oxidation and corrosion. Therefore, they are suitable for blades protection in the hot section of turbines. The Ionbond CVA is an advanced technology that offers an environmentally friendly, better-performing alternative to traditional pack, out of pack and slurry technologies. In addition, the Ionbond CVA guarantee:

  • Environmentally friendly processes, not generating waste powders
  • Precise control over the deposition process
  • Possibility to coat internal cooling channels
  • Uniform coating thickness over large areas
  • Possibility to produce multi-material coatings
  • Low surface defects density