PVD coatings

Extended coating portfolio

Ionbond offers the broadest technology portfolio in the industry. This enables us to offer our customers the ideal coating for each individual application without compromise. With over 50 years of experience and constant innovation in technology and applications of the products and services, Ionbond is a premier provider of PVD, CVD and PACVD coatings.

Our coating technologies

PVD coating

PVD is a method for producing metal-based hard coatings by means of generation of partially ionized metal vapor, its reaction with certain gases and by forming a thin film with a specified composition on the substrate.

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CVD coating

Chemical Vapor Deposition is a method for producing low stress coatings by means of thermally-induced chemical reactions.

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CVA coating

Chemical Vapor Aluminizing is based on the CVD process and is used for the production of diffusion aluminide coatings for high temperature applications.

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PACVD coating

PACVD is a vacuum based process used to deposit DLC coatings, also known as ADLC.

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DLC coating

Diamond-Like Carbon coatings can be deposited by different technologies such as PVD arc, PVD sputtering and PACVD processes.

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Laser Hardening

Reduce coefficient of friction and gain higher throughput, reproducibility and product quality.

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