Unlocking the Potential of Duplex Coatings: Insights from Ionbond's Experts

With our new duplex coating capabilities in Ionbond Madison Heights, we’re ready to help our customers in forming and molding make big improvements in their tool productivity. Read what our team of experts has to say about these game-changing coatings.

New plasma nitriding system Madison Heights

In a recent group interview, Ionbond's experts shed light on the technical and sales aspects of duplex coatings, highlighting the remarkable benefits and market demand. Adding this technology to Ionbond’s coating technology portfolio will help Ionbond revolutionize ther forming and molding tool industry.

Chris Flattery, Senior Process Engineer, explains the significance of duplex coatings. "Plasma nitriding combined with PVD coating offers a game-changing solution in the FMT market," he says. "The surface hardening provided by plasma nitriding significantly enhances the resistance to impact fatigue and crack formation, while the PVD coating adds an extra layer of wear protection. This not only extends tool life but also contributes to improved productivity and reduced machine downtime."

New plasma nitriding system Madison Heights installation

Mike Pogasic, Production Manager at Madison Heights, is proud of this new addition to the facility. "Our investment in state-of-the-art plasma nitriding equipment has elevated the services we can provide our customers," he says. "Because we can control the entire process, from plasma nitriding to pre- and post-coat treatments, we can deliver top-notch duplex coatings with the highest service quality standards."

Carol Malfroid, Sales Manager, is expecting the market demand for duplex coatings to grow and develop in the coming years. "Our customers are increasingly seeking solutions that maximize productivity and ensure excellent part quality," she explains. "The forming of demanding workpiece materials, such as advanced high strength steels, presents challenges that conventional coatings can no longer overcome. Duplex coatings offer a reliable solution for applications involving stamping DP980 and DP1180 dual phase steel, hot forging, and high-pressure die casting."

New plasma nitriding system Madison Heights forklift

Tobias Brögelmann, Global Segment Manager for Forming and Molding Tools, emphasizes the impact of duplex coatings on the automotive industry. "Since the automotive sector strives for optimized fuel efficiency through lightweight design, the demand for high-strength steels is on the rise. Ionbond's duplex coatings provide a crucial advantage by supporting forming of thicker sheet metals while maintaining tool integrity. This aligns perfectly with the industry's sustainability goals and ensures compliance with passenger safety standards."

Together, the experts emphasize Ionbond's technical prowess and comprehensive sales approach. "Ionbond Madison Heights is not just a coating provider; we are The Surface Engineers, offering end-to-end solutions," Carol adds. "Our team of experts assists customers in finding the perfect coating solution and ensures precise control of the plasma nitriding process, tailored to their specific tooling material and application requirements."

Coating solutions for forming and molding tools | Ionbond

Ionbond is taking a leading role in duplex coatings, and these insights from our technical and sales experts provide a glimpse into the innovative solutions and market trends that drive the industry forward. Are you interested in seeing what Ionbond’s duplex coatings can do for your application? Download our whitepapers on plasma nitriding for duplex coatings and on duplex coatings for high-pressure die casting. Or read our Ionbond™ Duplex Coating Portfolio: FMT Case Studies, download below.

Case Studies

Duplex Coatings for Forming & Molding Tools

Download the case studies to get an insight and discover the power of Ionbond's Duplex Coatings and improve the performance and productivity of your Forming & Molding Tools.

39 pages | 30 minutes well spent

Coating solutions for forming and molding tools | Ionbond
Ionbond Duplex Coatings Plasma Nitriding parts

What are Ionbond’s duplex coatings?

Ionbond's duplex coatings combine plasma nitriding and PVD coating, for enhanced resistance to impact fatigue, crack formation, and wear. Our plasma nitriding capabilities span a wide range of steel grades, including heat treatable, tool, hot work, cold work, high-speed, and stainless steels. The plasma nitriding process generally creates a surface layer that consists of a diffusion layer, compound layer (or "white layer"), and an oxide top layer. The diffusion layer gives the tools their improved impact fatigue strength, and higher resistance to thermal fatigue and crack formation. Ionbond's advanced technology allows us to minimize the formation of the compound layer, which is rather brittle, ensuring optimal adhesion between the PVD coating and the surface layer. Moreover, we offer pre- and post-coating treatments that further enhance the quality and performance of the duplex coatings.

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Ionbond Duplex Coatings Plasma Nitriding parts

Ready to learn more about Ionbond’s duplex coating solutions?

Download our comprehensive technical presentation, including fundamentals, illustrative examples and real case studies of our duplex coatings in use at Ionbond’s clients.

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