Medthin™ 42 DLC

Low friction DLC coating for instruments, tools and implants

Medthin™ 42 DLC, Cr + CrN + a-C:H is a complex coating with a very hard top layer which consists of metal free hydrogenated DLC. It combines excellent wear and scratch resistance with very low friction. Medthin™ 42 DLC was engineered and thoroughly tested for use in the medical field, primarily for instruments and tools, and is certified for biocompatibility according to ISO 10993-1.The multilayer structure of Medthin™ 42 DLC, Cr + CrN + a-C:H exhibits a high fracture toughness, which makes it suitable to be applied to implants. Medthin™ 42 is used in applications where high wear resistance and very low friction is required. It is ideally suited for the coating of various component geometries and surface textures. It exhibits best adhesion properties on all commonly used metal alloys such as stainless steels, titanium, and CoCrMo. Medthin™ 42 shows superior scratch resistance compared to other DLC coatings, making it the ideal candidate for instruments. The black color provides a precious appearance and reduces light reflection. In addition, the non-stick properties and dense coating structure simplify the cleaning and sterilization process. Medthin™ 42 coated instruments and tools can be cleaned and sterilized by means of all procedures commonly used in hospitals.

Données techniques



Cr + CrN + a-C:H

Epaisseur du revêtement

1 - 8 μm

(measured on flat witness coupons)

Temp. maximale d’utilisation

300 °C

Température de déposition

< 250 °C

(depending on components mass and geometry)

Dureté Hv 0.05

2000 - 2800


très bon

Procédé de dépôt


Coefficient de frottement (Acier, A sec)