Ionbond and JCC join forces to increase the lifetime of automotive forming dies worldwide

Ionbond is happy to announce our new business collaboration with Japan Coating Center (JCC) for providing PVD coating services to automotive forming dies, both new and used. Under the terms of the collaboration, Ionbond and JCC can both use JCC’s Venus coating and Ionbond’s Ionbond™ 90 Concept coating for their automotive customers worldwide. This increases consistency and quality outcomes for these challenging applications both locally and in facilities around the world.

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Outstanding coatings for automotive forming dies

The Venus and Ionbond™ 90 Concept coatings are ceramic hard coatings deposited by physical vapor deposition (PVD) technology. They are engineered to extend tool life, reduce machine downtime, minimize scrap rate and increase productivity for the customer while maintaining excellent product quality. The Venus and Ionbond™ 90 Concept coatings for automotive forming dies offer outstanding resistance against abrasive and adhesive wear, a low coefficient of friction against steel, anti-galling properties and an unrivaled resistance against fatigue and corrosion.

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“This excellent business collaboration allows both partners to supply the premium Venus and Ionbond™ 90 Concept coatings worldwide. This will help our automotive customers who are seeking consistent product quality, locally and in all other global facilities. And because the agreement covers both the coating of original automotive forming dies and re-conditioning of used automotive dies, we believe this will help us meet our customers’ needs for consistent, excellent product quality worldwide.”

Consistent high quality around the world.

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Dr. Ing. Tobias Brögelmann

Responsable du segment mondial de outils de formage et de moulage

A joining of experts

Japan Coating Center Co, Ltd. is one of Japan’s leading providers of PVD coating services. It has its headquarters in Zama City, Kanagawa Prefecture, Japan. Ionbond IHI AG is headquartered in Zürich, Switzerland. Ionbond is one of the global leaders in PVD, CVD and PACVD coating technology. From its 35 coating centers in 15 countries in Europe, Asia and North America, Ionbond offers a broad portfolio of coatings tailored to our customers' application. Together, the two companies can provide global coverage for the two specified coatings.

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Discutez vos défis avec Tobias Brögelmann

Tobias Brögelmann, Responsable du segment mondial Outils de formage et de moulage, se serons ravis de vous aider

Nous vous répondrons dès que possible.

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Dr. Ing. Tobias Brögelmann

Responsable du segment mondial de outils de formage et de moulage

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