Ionbond UK Ltd receives NADCAP Merit Status for its PVD coating activities

12 novembre 2020

Ionbond UK is pleased to announce that a recent audit by the Performance Review Institute has led to an expansion of our NADCAP certification with the Merit Status. By adhering to NADCAP, the well-established National Aerospace & Defence Contractors Accreditation Programme industry standard for supplier assessment, we offer our customers the guarantee that we adhere to OEM process specifications. NADCAP brings together technical experts from prime contractors and suppliers to ensure quality systems and compliance.

Ionbond UK has managed and maintained a NADCAP-approved quality system for over 15 years, proving our capability to meet the tough demands of the NADCAP standard. Our 24-month certification to Merit Status, the highest achievable NADCAP status, is a testament to the ongoing commitment of the UK team to its aerospace activities and provides peace of mind to Ionbond’s current and future customers.

Supporting our customers looking to phase out environmental risks

The market requirements for advanced coatings is heavily driven by OEMs working hard to meet the European Union’s REACH directive. This directive aims to eliminate the toxic hexavalent chromium compounds used extensively in hard chrome plating. Ionbond supports this ambition with a portfolio of coatings to replace older, less environmentally friendly technologies.

Our Tribobond-01 Titanium Nitride (TiN) and Tribobond-40 Tungsten Carbide Carbon (WC-C:H) coatings provide proven performance for wear reduction in tough fretting and galling environments such as for air frames, landing gear, flaps, slats, spoilers, rollers, actuators, and engines for both fixed and rotary wing aircraft. The coatings are tested and approved for a number of substrates including titanium alloys, Inconels, stainless steels and copper alloys.

Further certifications

In addition to the NADCAP and AS9100 Rev D accreditation, Ionbond UK holds many OEM-specific qualifications and approvals. That means we can cost-effectively meet the aerospace and defense industries’ current and future demands. For proven coatings for the aerospace and defense markets, Ionbond customers worldwide can also turn to our locations in France and the USA. These locations are certified according to AS/EN9100 and hold certifications specific to aerospace manufacturers.

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