Laser Beam Hardening

Increased wear resistance, longer life

Laser beam hardening is employed to locally improve the surface properties of components and tools. Use of this treatment can increase wear and fatigue resistance in parts of steel and cast iron. Through a locally restricted heat treatment arises a minimum heat input, thereby minimised distortion. The associated high heating and cooling rates result in fine microstructures with good mechanical properties.


Optimisation of surfaces through:

  • Increasing wear resistance
  • Improvement of the mechanical-dynamic properties


As in conventional hardening, a hardness increase arises through martensitic transformation of the microstructure. The localised absorption of the laser beam creates a rapid increase in surface temperature to above the austenitisation temperature. A rapid cooling by conduction of heat into the relatively cool substrate generates the necessary transformation in appropriate steels. In addition, compressive stresses are generated in the hardened layer.


Laser beam hardening can be applied wherever localised improvement of hardness and fatigue life are required. Examples of successfully
hardened components are found in general engineering (cutting knives, shafts, pump parts, guideways, gears), power generation
(turbine blades, pistons), tool industry (press, forming and injection tools) etc. Laser beam hardening can offer distinct advantages in terms
of hardness, distortion, treatment speed and accuracy in comparison to many conventional processes.


  • Fine microstructure with optimum mechanical properties
  • Increased wear resistance
  • Improved fatigue resistance
  • Minimal heat affected zone and distortion through reduced heat input
  • Economic treatments due to rapid process and CNC control
  • Localised treatments possible
  • Areas with difficult access often treatable

Laser-hardenable materials

The range of treatable materials extends from low alloy steels, through to high alloyed tool steels and hardenable stainless steels. Various cast irons can also be easily laser hardened providing the ferrite contents are low.


Ionbond Lasertechnik in Nürnberg employs diverse laser systems (Nd:YAG-Laser) and Robot handling with a wide capacity and offers a wide range of treatments. Part weight up to 3t, hardened depth to 5mm and length to 3m is possible.

Our service

Ionbond offers a long experience in the field of laser hardening. Our experts are ready with their knowledge to offer you engineered solutions to your hardening problems.