Ionbond™ 962: Ionbond™ 90 Plus MoST

Next generation self-lubricating PVD coating for use in demanding metal forming applications

Ionbond 962 is a multi-layered coating consisting of Ionbond 90 and a MoST (MoS2 + Ti) top layer. It combines the high hardness and unrivaled resistance to cracking under mechanical fatigue conditions of Ionbond 90 with the ultra-low coefficient of friction of the solid lubricant MoST coating to produce a more efficient coating solution in metal forming applications where sliding friction is the root cause for tool failure.

Ionbond 962 provides excellent performance in fine blanking, deep drawing, piercing, extrusion, punching and forming applications involving ferritic and austenitic stainless steels, high strength low alloy (HSLA) steels and advanced high strength steels (AHSS) from 1st generation AHSS covering dual phase DP580, DP780, DP980, and DP1180 steels to 3rd generation AHSS. Additional materials that can be successfully processed with Ionbond 962 are galvanized and pre-painted steels. The main benefits of Ionbond 962 include reduced frictional forces during metal forming resulting in an extended tool life and minimized adhesion tendency to improve productivity, part surface finish and reduced need for lubrication. The superior performance of Ionbond 90 with a proven track record in metal forming applications makes Ionbond 962 a viable alternative to CVD or TD coatings. Ionbond 962 is also available as duplex coating with a plasma nitriding of the tool prior to PVD coating. This will significantly increase the impact fatigue resistance and improve the performance of the coated tool.

Technical Data



Ionbond™ 90 (proprietary) + MoST (MoS2 + Ti)



Thickness range

6 - 8 µm

Hardness HV 0.02

3800 + 580

Roughness Ra (Rz)

< 0.03 µm (< 0.8 µm)

Service temperature


Process temperature

400°C + 150°C


very good – HF1 to HF2 (depending on tooling material)

Coefficient of friction vs. Steel

N2 atmosphere

Dry in Ambient atmosphere