Ionbond Surface Analisys Lab Switzerland

Ionbond Surface Analysis lab

Ionbond is involved in highly sophisticated technical projects, from plasma thrusters to high-precision machine components and everything in between. Part of the success of all applications, and therefore our customers’ success, depends on our ability to analyze what we produce – with speed, breadth and clarity. That is why we have many excellent labs in our global network.

Today, the spotlight is on the Ionbond Surface Analysis lab in Dulliken, Switzerland, staffed by a 4-person team who are all experts in their own right.

Supporting the success of Ionbond customers

Andreas Göb, head of the lab, and his team spend their time supporting Ionbond customers as well as Ionbond development projects in several ways. An important part is quality control on all produced batches, to see if the specified coating properties like layer thickness, surface roughness or adhesion of the coating on the substrate comply with the specification. Depending on the application and the workpiece material, substrate hardness is also measured to prove that it was not affected by the deposition temperature. If everything meets specifications, a certificate of conformity is issued by the lab.

Another critical aspect of the work is failure analysis and learning from it, whether the failure is a visible coating delamination, detectable immediately after processing or feedback from customers about product performance. Andreas: “Since we have the analytical capabilities and expertise, customers come to us to help them figure out how to resolve these issues – whether they arise before, during or after coating.”