Supporting the Sodebo sailing team on a transatlantic race

05 noviembre 2021

Ionbond is proud to be supporting the Sodebo sailing team in the Transat Jacques Vabre trans- atlantic race. Starting from Le Havre in France on November 7, the trimaran Sodebo Ultim 3 will travel a distance of 7,500 miles (13,890 km) to Martinique.

The boat is crewed by the well-oiled duo Thomas Coville and Thomas Rouxel. Coville won the Transat Jacques Vabre twice before. Rouxel came in second, the one time he participated in 2017; behind Coville and the winning Sodebo team. That makes the Sodebo team one of the favorites. Ionbond also contributed to the Ultim 3’s performance readiness, with high-quality coating for several mechanical parts – bearings, connecting rods, fasteners and winch parts.

Ready to tackle the competition

The Sodebo Ultim 3 is 32 meters long and 23 meters wide, with a mast that is 34 meters high. It is a hydrofoil, which means the hulls can lift up out of the water in the right conditions. This enables its tremendous speed up to 90 km/h or 50 knots, earning races with these boats the nickname of ‘Formula 1 of the sea’.

After the starting sign on Sunday, the Sodebo team will have strong competition from four other Ultim trimarans and their crews. However, since its launch in March 2019, Ultim 3 has undergone considerable optimization. The two Thomases have been training for this event for years, and have arrived at a level of preparation that gives them a real shot at victory. We will be cheering them on!