DLC Coatings - Diamond-Like Carbon

Diamond-Like Carbon (DLC) coatings can be deposited by different technologies such as PVD arc, PVD sputtering and PACVD processes. Various performance characteristics, such as hydrogenated and non-hydrogenated DLC coatings, can be achieved by selecting the appropriate technology and deposition parameters.

DLC coatings are environmentally friendly and can be used to reduce friction, wear, fretting, galling and corrosion. They can also be used to modify electrical conductivity and wettability. Due to the attractive colors of DLC coatings (ranging from anthracite to deep black), they are often applied in decorative applications such as watchmaking, jewelry, kitchen and bath hardware, automotive interiors, firearms and other fields, combining both aesthetics and performance.

Applications methods:

  • PVD deposition via Arc and Sputtering
  • Plasma Assisted Chemical Vapor Deposition (PACVD)

Ionbond is pleased to offer DLC coating services.

Advantages of Diamond-Like-Carbon (DLC) Coatings

What are characteristics of DLC coatings?

Low friction coefficient

Excellent abrasion protection

Excellent protection against galling, cold welding and fretting

Corrosion protection in selected corrosive media

Attractive color range from anthracite to deep black

Sports and outdoor gear

What is DLC coating?

DLC coatings offer a unique combination of high hardness and low friction coefficient → ‘the hardness of diamond and the lubricity of graphite’. Because of our DLC coating process, we have the capability to engineer DLC coatings to make them harder like diamond or softer like graphite – according to the requirements that a specific application demands. Furthermore, DLC coatings can be doped to include metallic elements and can include multi-layered structures that further enhance the performance and flexibility of such coatings.

Common DLC applications

DLC coatings can be used for a wide range of applications.

Engine wear parts and injectors

Aerospace fasteners and components

Industrial machinery components

Aluminum and non-ferrous metal forming

Plastic injection molding tools

Watches and jewelry

Medical instruments

Cutting Tools

Hard chrome replacement

Engines & Fuel Injection

Tribobond™ 40 series

High quality DLC coatings for industrial applications

The Tribobond™ 40 series of DLC coatings are designed to respond to various tribological challenges. These coatings stand out for their hardness, resistance to abrasion and fatigue, as well as their ability to minimize friction losses.

Medical Knee Implant Black

Medthin™ 40 series

For medical applications

The Medthin™ 40 series of DLC coatings provide excellent protection against abrasion, tribo-oxydation and adhesive wear. They are ideally suited for coating of medical instruments, tools and implants.

Cutting Tools Thermoplastics, graphite and composite materials Non-ISO

Tetrabond™ Plus ta-C

DLC coatings for tools

Tetrabond™ Plus T-aC is a non-hydrogenated diamond like carbon (DLC) film with a micro hardness of more than 5000 HV. This coating stands out due to its low thickness, very high hardness and anti-stick properties which makes it an excellent choice for machining a wide range of plastics and sticky materials.


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