Ionbond: high-tech coatings for luxury accessories available throughout Europe

Ionbond has been a leader in high-performance coatings for decades, for both technical applications and the luxury segment. In luxury products, we have especially earned a name for ourselves in beautiful, durable and high-quality coatings for watches, serving top brands. Today, this know-how has been extended to high-end accessories.

Watch coated

Technical coatings combining aesthetics and durability

Serge Litzler, Product Manager for Luxury Goods, says: "We're delighted to be able to offer our top-of-the-range coatings to luxury goods. Our coatings are known for their durability and technicality. They perfectly meet the aesthetic requirements and reliability demanded for items such as bracelets, bag accessories and belt buckles."

What sets Ionbond apart in the luxury segment are its coatings, initially developed for extremely demanding applications in a variety of fields, and then introduced to the decoration sector after proving their reliability.

"Our DLC coatings were developed for Formula One racing and then transferred to the watch industry, and the same is true for our PVD coatings, originally developed for industrial applications.

Range and quality at your disposal

Ionbond’s range of decorative coatings covers the on the right shown important decorative colors.

These colors are ever popular in watches and accessories, making up the majority of the volume of parts. Ionbond's portfolio for the luxury segment includes both technical coatings and the wide range of specific coatings developed exclusively for the decorative segment.

Deep Black

Satin Grey

Various shades of gold

Dulliken charge

Ionbond’s portfolio has proven itself in the highly demanding watch market, where the longevity and durability of the coating will always be the deciding factor. These qualities are also excellent for the accessories market. Currently, luxury accessories have a higher market share of chemical treatments such as galvanic chrome, which top brands are looking to move away from.

Serge says: "PVD and PACVD processes reduce chemical waste and avoid the use of harmful substances such as hexavalent chromium, thus helping to preserve the planet while maintaining high quality standards".

Dullike Quality Controll

The personalized service and attention the luxury sector needs

Ionbond's experience with watch brands enables us to transfer this expertise to other luxury products, while maintaining the same high standards of quality and services, such as 100% incoming and outgoing inspections, adapted lighting and dedicated personnel. "We come from the industry and have been trained in the codes and needs of exceptional products by our customers, and this is a strength for us." says Serge.

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Luxury productionfloor
We've been present in the luxury market at the highest level for almost 20 years. As a global supplier of thin films, we specialize in adapting our processes and solutions to the needs of our customers and their markets.

Serge Litzler

Product Manager for Luxury Goods

Serge adds: "At Ionbond, we have the capacity and expertise to handle both one-off pieces and production runs of tens of thousands. What's more, we do our utmost to offer a very high level of technical support, personal availability and deep relationships. I think our customers appreciate our approach, which has earned us the trust of the world's largest and most prestigious luxury brands."

Ionbond PVD Operator s

Reliable expertise and capacity available across Europe

Watchmakers are heavily concentrated around Switzerland, where Ionbond gained its expertise in high-end luxury goods. The benefit of Ionbond’s global presence, however, is that we can provide the same quality in our plants throughout Europe, making us well placed for many luxury brands. "All our Ionbond plants have access to the same level of expertise," explains Serge. "By providing our coating services in many different countries, our customers don’t have to worry about complicated or expensive import and export.”

To expedite this expansion, Serge will be offering his knowledge and support to Ionbond Netherlands, located in Venlo. “This is a very high-quality center,” explains Serge, “with the capacity and flexibility to serve customers in the best possible way", explains Serge. "For my part, I will be the French-speaking contact for our luxury brands, bringing my expertise in this field to Venlo."

Will we see you at EPHJ between 11 and 14 June?

We'd be delighted to meet with you to present our coatings for the luxury segment, and to discuss your needs and the solutions we can offer. Visit us at booth J30.


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Ionbond: high-tech coatings for luxury accessories available throughout Europe

Ionbond has been a leader in high-performance coatings for decades, for both technical applications and the luxury segment. In luxury products, we have especially earned a name for ourselves in beautiful, durable and high-quality coatings for watches, serving top brands. Today, this know-how has been extended to high-end accessories.

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