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Placeholder for Rockaway Team DLC Hybrid MachineRockaway Team DLC Hybrid Machine

Ionbond Rockaway enhances DLC coating capacity to support growing medical instrument industry

With the addition of a cutting-edge Hauzer 1200 PVD/PACVD hybrid tool, we're geared up to meet the soaring demand for quick turnaround times from our surgical instrument clients.

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Placeholder for Ionbond Industrial PortraitIonbond Industrial Portrait

Tribobond™ 51/52/54 – Wear resistance for highly corrosive environments

Modern machinery, with its intricate demands for precision and reliability amid cost pressures, faces challenges. Coatings that provide both corrosion and wear protection are scarce. Read on for insi…

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Placeholder for Ionbond Deco Grill PortraitIonbond Deco Grill Portrait

Ionbond PVD coatings for automotive interior applications

Are you looking to stand out in automotive interior design with novel colors and increased wear resistance of design elements? Check out Ionbond’s expertise in PVD coatings at the Automotive Interior…

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Placeholder for H2 Hydrogen Charge StationH2 Hydrogen Charge Station

Ionbond joins Hydrogen Engine Alliance to advance the hydrogen internal combustion engine

Ionbond is proud to join the Hydrogen Engine Alliance! We’re looking forward to lending our expertise to the further development of this interesting technology for carbon-neutral mobility.

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Placeholder for Aurora X Plus Composition 2 cAurora X Plus Composition 2 c

AuroraX Plus: new versatile coating for a wide range of cutting applications

Have you been looking for a superior tool coating for difficult-to-cut materials? Look no further! Ionbond's new AuroraX Plus coating offers the performance you need in both wet and dry conditions, m…

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Placeholder for Ionbond Deco Shower head PortraitIonbond Deco Shower head Portrait

NEW Whitepaper: Decorative surfaces that withstand extreme environments

Are you looking for a coating to help your products keep their high performance in extreme environments?

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Placeholder for Ionbond Deco Navi PortraitIonbond Deco Navi Portrait

Ionbond’s high-quality decorative coatings for extreme environments

Curious about the magic behind long-lasting, beautiful items? Dive into the latest developments in Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD) coatings, revealing the secrets of our decorative finishes.

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Placeholder for Ionbond Forming Molding PortraitIonbond Forming Molding Portrait

New Whitepaper on Duplex Coating Solutions for High-Pressure Die Casting

Read along to find out why high-pressure die casting is becoming increasingly popular for high-volume mass production of complex-shaped parts.

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Placeholder for Dieses Bild Original NehmenDieses Bild Original Nehmen

Tribobond™ 55 – new coating for vacuum and dry gas environments

Ionbond presents Tribobond™ 55, developed specifically for vacuum and dry gas environments!

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Placeholder for Ionbond Duplex Coatings Plasma Nitriding partsIonbond Duplex Coatings Plasma Nitriding parts

Ready to learn more about Ionbond’s duplex coating solutions?

Download our comprehensive technical presentation, including fundamentals, illustrative examples and real case studies of our duplex coatings in use at Ionbond’s clients.

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Placeholder for 2023 05 30 PN equipment IB MH 1 b2023 05 30 PN equipment IB MH 1 b

Unlocking the Potential of Duplex Coatings: Insights from Ionbond's Experts

With our new duplex coating capabilities in Ionbond Madison Heights, we’re ready to help our customers in forming and molding make big improvements in their tool productivity. Read what our team of e…

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Placeholder for Ionbond Forming Molding PortraitIonbond Forming Molding Portrait

Enhancing tool performance and productivity: Ionbond introduces duplex coatings

Discover the power of Ionbond’s duplex coatings! Our state-of-the-art plasma nitriding equipment combined with PVD coating technology offers exceptional impact fatigue strength and wear resistance. E…

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Placeholder for DSC 2457DSC 2457

New Hall: More Space at Ionbond Olten

The Ionbond plant in Olten is one of the largest CVD coating centers in Europe, if not the world. Recently, it’s grown even larger, with the inauguration of their new machine hall. In this article, w…

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Placeholder for Tony Huerta AMAS Presentation 1Tony Huerta AMAS Presentation 1

Ionbond Mexico joins Mexican Association of Surface Finishers (AMAS)

Ionbond Mexico is pleased to join AMAS, the unique association in Mexico for surface finishers. We’re looking forward to sharing and collaborating with member companies. Read on to learn more!

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Placeholder for Wear ComponentsWear Components

Download our new whitepaper: CVD Coatings for Engineered Components

Read our new whitepaper on CVD coatings for components. Chemical vapor deposition (CVD), the oldest deposition technique, is rarely used for coating of components. A common perception is that it can …

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Placeholder for Ionbond 347 coated samplesIonbond 347 coated samples

The benefits of PVD coatings for plastic molding applications

Are you looking to increase your productivity and machine uptime in plastic molding? Protecting your molds and dies against wear with Ionbond’s PVD coatings is a good place to start! Read our article…

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Placeholder for News Main Image Whitepaper Duplex Coatings Aluminum High pressure technologyNews Main Image Whitepaper Duplex Coatings Aluminum High pressure technology

PVD duplex coating for use in aluminum high pressure die casting

Aluminum high pressure die casting is a high-volume manufacturing process which is becoming increasingly popular for the mass production of complex-shaped parts due to its high material utilization a…

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Placeholder for Ionbond Surface Analisys Lab SwitzerlandIonbond Surface Analisys Lab Switzerland

Getting to the root of observations at the Surface Analysis Lab

The Ionbond Surface Analysis lab is part and parcel of our customers’ success in industrial components. The lab is staffed by an experienced team with highly creative problem-solving skills. Read on …

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Placeholder for RISE logoRISE logo

The ALVA2 project - working together to increase robustness and predictability of hot forming aluminum

Collaborations between industry and academia can result in powerful practical insights. We’re proud to have been part of the ALVA2 project consortium on hot forming aluminum. Continue below to read m…

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Placeholder for Ionbond GB 4Ionbond GB 4

Ionbond’s Greensboro plant - center of excellence in serving customers

The Ionbond plant in Greensboro, USA, is a center of excellence in servicing customers, with a very diverse product portfolio. Read on to learn about their unique aerospace certification and coating …

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Placeholder for 50764277 1 B16 401 D B1 F2 9 C56339284 D850764277 1 B16 401 D B1 F2 9 C56339284 D8

Madison Heights competence center – supporting Forming & Molding Tools customers around the world

Many factors drive Ionbond’s success in forming and molding tool coating solutions. One of them is our state-of-the-art Engineering Lab in Madison Heights (USA). Read our latest interview to learn mo…

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Placeholder for Shutterstock 565057048 Cooperation Ionbond JCCShutterstock 565057048 Cooperation Ionbond JCC

Ionbond and JCC join forces to increase the lifetime of automotive forming dies worldwide

Ionbond is happy to announce our new business collaboration with Japan Coating Center (JCC) for providing PVD coating services to automotive forming dies, both new and used. Under the terms of the co…

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Placeholder for Ionbond Whitepaper Ionbond 95Ionbond Whitepaper Ionbond 95

Download our new whitepaper: Ionbond™ 95 for hot forging

Read our new whitepaper on coating development for closed-die forging dies. Because of its suitability for large-scale production of products with a wide weight range, this manufacturing method domin…

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Placeholder for I Stock 821675798 technology dark smallI Stock 821675798 technology dark small

New whitepaper for download: Plasma Nitriding for Duplex Coatings

Duplex coatings for forming and molding tool are Ionbond’s latest portfolio offering for highly demanding forming and molding applications. These coatings integrate plasma nitriding technology, and h…

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Placeholder for Ionbond Forming Molding PortraitIonbond Forming Molding Portrait

Ionbond™ Coating Portfolio for Forming & Molding Tools - Case Studies

Download our case studies for Forming & Molding Tools to get an unfiltered insight into the potential of our coating solutions in various forming applications.

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Placeholder for Ionbond Aerospace PortraitIonbond Aerospace Portrait

Ionbond, a proven coating service partner for aerospace

The aerospace industry is a fascinating sector, with high quality requirements, cost pressures and safety criteria. Ionbond is proud to have over 30 years of experience in this challenging market, fr…

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Placeholder for Visuals Forming Molding Ionbond 42 Ford F 150Visuals Forming Molding Ionbond 42 Ford F 150

The best of two worlds - Ionbond™ 42 for forming high-strength aluminum

As one of the global leaders in PVD, CVD and PACVD coating technology, Ionbond™ had the foresight to spot an important global automotive engineering trend years ago – lightweight design. This trend a…

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Placeholder for Ionbond Deco Navi PortraitIonbond Deco Navi Portrait

Ionbond UK further expands capacity for decorative applications

IHI Ionbond is pleased to announce a significant investment in our decorative coating capacity: a Hauzer Flexicoat® 1500 PVD system. This large-scale coating system has an impressive coating zone of …

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Placeholder for PVD Coating Machine | Hauzer Flexicoat 850PVD Coating Machine | Hauzer Flexicoat 850

Ionbond Italia Srl expands coating capacity for high-performance cutting tool applications

IHI Ionbond is pleased to announce our investment in a Hauzer Flexicoat 850 CARC+ system and associated infrastructure.

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Placeholder for Flash News Chicago West October 2020 news teaserFlash News Chicago West October 2020 news teaser

Ionbond adds diamond-like coating (DLC) capability to their West Chicago Coating Center

Good news for Ionbond customers who appreciate the unique coating characteristics of Ionbond’s Tribobond coating portfolio: at Ionbond West Chicago Coating Center, we have added a new PVD/PACVD hybri…

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Placeholder for Dulliken SchweizDulliken Schweiz

New Ionbond coating center in Switzerland for coating implant devices

New Ionbond Switzerland received Premarket Approval (PMA) and Premarket Notification (510(k)) by FDA

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