About Ionbond

Ionbond provides thin film surface treatments to improve tools and components and operates over 30 coating centers in 15 countries.

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The Surface Engineers

Ionbond provides highest performance PVD, CVD and PACVD wear protection, low friction and decorative coatings. With 35 service centers in 15 countries in Europe, North America and Asia Ionbond has one of the largest networks in the world. The company has been involved in this market for over 50 years and offers the broadest set of coating technologies in the industry. Our expertise goes far beyond our industry-leading CVD coating services with extensive coating portfolios based on PVD and PACVD technologies as well. Ionbond has over 900 employees worldwide.

Our focus at Ionbond is to provide both high quality standard coating portfolios for the cutting, molding and forming tool market and to offer customized solutions for our customers making OEM components. Ionbond is eager to take on difficult and specialized coating applications and to put in the time and energy required to meet such custom coating requirements. We work with our customers in very close cooperation to ensure the coatings meet all the critical requirements.

Ionbond gains a deep understanding into the very specific requirements of several demanding markets such as aerospace, medical, automotive components, and high-end decorative. In such applications it is imperative to have the highest level of quality control throughout the coating process. To this end we put a large emphasis on product quality and invest significant resources towards quality certifications such as ISO 9001, ISO 13485, IATF 16949 and AS 9100.

Flexibility, innovation, and integrity are at the heart of our business at Ionbond. Our qualified coating specialists around the world are ready to help with your coating requirements today.

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Engineering innovation for the next generation through environmentally friendly vacuum deposited coatings. Our global and local teams are proud to be part of something bigger, cooperating together and with customers to provide reliable, targeted solutions designed for limited and high volume production.


The Ionbond approach is based on teamwork and partnership. We are flexible in our approach and work on a wide variety of solutions to achieve the best quality, performance, price and service for the customer. As the surface engineers we work on our passion together, the competence centers working with local teams making our network strong and innovation fast. Following this path we strive to be the preferred supplier for environmentally friendly, vacuum coatings.

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Quality & Certifications

Ionbond maintains a global management system based on ISO 9001. We continuously expand the system in order to comply with local customer needs and regulatory requirements. We believe that the targete…

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Ionbond is part of the business unit of the IHI Group as well as IHI VTN for Heat treatment, IHI Bernex for CVD, CVA and CVI Equipment, IHI Hauzer Techno Coating for PVD and PACVD Equipment and IHI M…

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IHI Corporation

IHI Corporation (IHI) was established as Ishikawajima Shipyard in 1853. Since then, IHI have evolved into a comprehensive heavy-industry manufacturer, with the aim to contribute to social progress by…

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Corporate governance

Ionbond’s goal is to deliver on our customers’ needs in a sustainable and ethical way and places an emphasis on legal and environmental compliance in all of its operations.The personal integrity and …

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