Tribobond™ 42

DLC coatings
Microsection Tribobond 42

Technical data

Material Cr + CrN + CrWC + a-C:H
Technology PVD UBM + PACVD
Thickness range [µm] 1 - 8μm
Microhardness, HV 2000 - 2800
Friction vs. Steel <0,1
Service Temperature 300°C
Process Temperature 200 - 250°C
Color Black
Microsection Tribobond 01

Tribobond™ 01

Traditional coating for a wide range of component applications

Tribobond™ 01 TiN is arguably the oldest and most popular of PVD coatings. Aesthetically pleasing gold color and excellent mechanical properties al-lowed this coating to become an ultimate general purpose coating across a very wide range of applications and industries. Tribobond™ 01  TiN  effectively  protects  against  abrasive  wear,  galling  and fretting and is widely used on many components of industrial machinery. Due to its characteristic yellow color Tribobond™ 01 sometimes is used a wear indicating film.

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Valve tappet transp

Tribobond™ 15

Wear resistance coating for high temperature applications

Ionbond’s Tribobond™ 15 TiAlCrN coating possesses an impressive combi-nation of properties; high hardness, excellent toughness and high impact fatigue wear resistance. Tribobond™ 15 also features high temperature stability, which makes it an excellent candidate for high temperature applications such as parts of turbochargers, piston rings and titanium components like engine valves and other high temperature exposed parts.

Tribobond™ 15 TiAlCrN protects against abrasive, adhesive and erosion wear, fretting, galling  and at normal and elevated temperatures.

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Lugnut Job coatings

Tribobond™ 30

High temperature resistant coating with excellent toughness

Tribobond™ 30 CrN has a good combination of properties; high hardness, excellent toughness, high wear and impact fatigue resistance. Tribobond™ 30 resists oxidation of up to 700°C making it a good candidate for high temperature applications. It features a lower residual stress than many other coatings allowing the deposition of thicker layers. CrN can be deposited at low temperatures, which makes it irreplaceable for temperature-sensitive substrates.

Tribobond™ 30 CrN is often used as an environmentally friendly replacement for electroplated hard chromium. It can be deposited directly onto the machined components and does not require grinding back to size.

Tribobond™ 30 CrN protects against abrasive and adhesive wear, fatigue, oxidation and fretting.

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Microsection Tribobond 31

Tribobond™ 31

Low stress wear resistant coating with smooth surface

Sub-stoichiometric Tribobond™ 31 Cr2N  features  lower  residual  stress  than  many  other  coatings from the Tribobond™ portfolio,  including CrN. Since the coating is produced by sputtering it generally features lower roughness than cathodic arc coatings. Crystalline structure of this coating allows for excellent polishing properties. Tribobond™ 31 Cr2N  also exhibits lower surface energy, making this coating more hydrophobic.

In general, Tribobond™ 31 Cr2N protects against abrasive and adhesive wear, impact fatigue, oxidation and fretting.

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Microsection Tribobond 40

Tribobond™ 40

DLC-based coating for highly loaded industrial and automotive components

Ionbond’s Tribobond™ 40 DLC, also designated as a-C:H:W, is one of the widely used coatings for industrial and automotive components. It is essentially a DLC coating with dispersed nanoparticles of tungsten carbide (WC). The coating is specifically designed for applications with high contact loads in rolling and sliding contacts, such as gears and bearings. It combines excellent running-in properties with a good wear resistance and low friction. In addition, this coating reduces negative impacts of contact fatigue, common in cyclically loaded contacts.
For these reasons, Tribobond™ 40 DLC is a coating of choice on many transmission components in automotive and industrial applications.


Apart from high wear resistance and low friction, , Tribobond™ 40 DLC exhibits high load bearing capacity and the highest ductility in the Tribobond family of the DLC coatings. It also offers an excellent protection of the counterparts, which extends the lifetime of both components of the friction pair.

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Crankshaft coatings

Tribobond™ 46

DLC coating for highly loaded applications with impact fatigue and/or rolling contacts

Ionbond’s Tribobond™ 46 DLC, CrN + a-C:H:W has a top layer similar to Tribobond™ 40; however it is deposited on CrN underlayer as opposed to pure Cr. High hardness of CrN and its load bearing capacity allows to provide additional support for the functional a-C:H:W layer and also to act as an backup wear resistant layer in case if a-C:H:W is worn out. As a result, Tribobond™ 46 can sustain even higher contact loads than
Tribobond™ 40. Tribobond™ 46 films can be tuned to utilize the a-C:H:W  top layer as a running-in film, in which case CrN becomes the functional wear resistant layer.

This results in a coating system that combines excellent running-in properties, a high load carrying capacity and fatigue resistance with a good wear resistance and a low co-efficient of friction.

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Piston Pins coating service

Tribobond™ 48

DLC coating for highly loaded industrial components and high volume automotive applications

Tribobond™ 48 ta-C is a hydrogen-free DLC coating with an increased temperature resistance of up to 400 °C compared to 250 °C for hydrogenated DLC coatings. Typical applications thus include high-loaded mechanical components, which further benefits from the increased wear resistance and the reduced coefficient of friction of the coating. The coating also exhibits an improved wettability with oils, gasoline and diesel fuels. Tribobond™ 48 ta-C has been thoroughly tested on valve train (e.g. tappets) and crank train (e.g. piston pin / ring) components as well as injection systems and pumps, where it has shown to significantly improve the robustness and to increase the lifetime of the parts involved.


When combined with specifically formulated oils, Tribobond™ 48 ta-C reduces friction losses by a factor of 2, compared with hydrogenated DLC coatings lubricated with standard oils. Finally, the abrasive wear resistance of Tribobond™ 48 ta-C surpasses hydrogen-containing DLC coatings by a factor of fifty when used at temperatures above 200°C, which makes it an ideal coating for components of high-loaded assemblies used at elevated temperatures.

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Injection components

Tribobond™ 49

Tribobond™ 49, the next generation of diamond-like carbon coatings

Tribobond™ 49 ta-C is a hydrogen and droplet-free DLC coating with an increased temperature resistance of up to 400°C compared to 250°C for hydrogenated DLC coatings. Tribobond™ 49 has an improved wear resistance (+300%) compared to Ionbond’s hydrogenated DLC coatings with a reference hardness of 25 GPa. The advanced coating technology used to deposit Tribobond™ 49 creates a smoother coating which can be used as-deposited, without any post-polishing, compared to current hydrogenated and hydrogen free ta-C coatings. The coating hardness has been increased by 40%, up to 35-40 GPa, compared with reference standard hydrogenated DLC coatings. The improved hardness and wear resistance of Tribobond™ 49, in combination with the low friction properties and smooth surface, creates a new performance and life time standard for DLC coatings.


Tribobond™ 49 is developed for high performance automotive and motorsport applications where high contact loads, friction and wear are present in demanding tribological environments. Highly loaded valve, crank train, engine components and fuel injection components are potential candidates for Tribobond™ 49.

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