Coating solutions for sports and outdoor gear
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Coating solutions for sports and outdoor gear

To enhance the quality of life and good feeling people get from their sports and hobbies, Ionbond coatings give sports and hobby gear a special long-lasting touch in even the most challenging environmental conditions.

Ionbond’s hard, wear-resistant decorative coatings also serve additional purposes. They act as wear-protecting finishes, reducing friction between moving parts to extend the lifetime of the gear – an environmentally friendly choice – and to safeguard its accuracy. Our large selection of colors, including metallic and black, provides many choices for product differentiation.

Golf club PVD coatings

Golf clubs

Ionbond PVD surface and coating technology offers a number of benefits such as durability, appearance (non-reflective, dark) and a range of colors that make it an excellent choice for the perfect golf club. Golf clubs are the essential tools for any golfer and their performance should not affect the game.

Firearm PVD and DLC coatings

Firearms and knives

Performance and reliability are of the utmost importance when using a firearm or knife. Ionbond PVD and DLC coatings can enhance these qualities and provide additional benefits such as extreme hardness, wear resistance and a long-lasting finish in a variety of colors. These Ionbond coatings, also referred to as “Ionbonded”, are an excellent choice for improving the functionality, durability and aesthetics of firearms and knives.

Boats and marine coatings

Boats and marine

The marine industry requires components and surface finishes that can withstand the harsh conditions of salt water, sunlight and constant exposure to the elements. Ionbond decorative (PVD) coatings can enhance the aesthetics and durability of marine equipment and surfaces because these coatings do not corrode, are stable under UV radiation, and are a perfect adhesion combination with stainless steel materials.

Our coating solutions for sports and outdoor applications

Ionbond’s coating portfolio for Industrial Components with its versatile Decobond ™ coatings offers the perfect solutions to elevate the appearance of a product due to an unique combination of visual appeal and functional benefits

Color impression stainless steel 7812

Decobond™ Stainless steel

Decorative PVD coating

Decobond™ coatings are used for applications where improved wear resistance and a bespoke and long lasting metallic look is required.  Typical applications are kitchen and bath fittings, sporting goods, door- and boat hardware, interior trim and automotive components. PVD forms conformal coatings which will replicate the texture and structure of the uncoated surface. The coatings can be applied to mirror finishes, brushed or other textures surfaces without the need to re-polish or texturing. PVD is a line of sight process with limited coating capacities for hidden features and deep recesses. Ionbond offers a range of standard colors and has the ability to match colors to designers’ requirements.

Corrosion Resistance and Care

PVD coatings do not enhance corrosion resistance. Corrosion resistance has to be controlled by the substrate (stainless steel, titanium) or the electroplated understructure. Decobond™ 7812 is not resistant to phosphoric acid and or phosphoric acid containing agents. Decobond™ 7812 needs no particular care, however, abrasive substances like sand or abrasive cleaning agents and pads should not be used for cleaning.

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Color impression nickel 3725

Decobond™ Nickel

Nickel decorative PVD coating

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Color impression smoked grey 6082

Decobond™ Smoked grey

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Color impression anthracite 4622

Decobond™ Anthracite

Anthracite decorative PVD coating

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Color impression black 3701

Decobond™ Black

Black decorative PVD coating

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Color impression copper rose 7772

Decobond™ Copper rose

Copper rose decorative PVD coating

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Color impression chrome 8290

Decobond™ Chrome

Chrome decorative PVD coating

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Color impression dark black 3323

Decobond™ Dark Black

Dark black decorative PVD coating

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Color impression french gold 7564

Decobond™ French gold

French gold decorative PVD coating

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