Luxury goods

Coating solutions for luxury goods

The luxury industry is synonymous with elegance, sophistication and impeccable craftsmanship. Ionbond's decorative PVD and DLC coatings can enhance the aesthetics and elevate the luxury experience due to the unique metallic and black-look colors, extreme hardness ( 2-4 x harder than steel). These benefits make our coatings an excellent choice for enhancing luxury products and components to make them unique!

Brushed surfaces keep their attractive structure and highly polished surfaces keep their shine. Ionbond works with key OEMs and design houses, so our coatings are applied on many luxury items.

Luxury PVD coatings

Superior anthracite/black ADLC coatings

Ionbond has developed superior Diamondblack™ ADLC coatings and a variety of other decorative PVD coatings. These decorative coatings are available in a broad range of metallic colors, from grey, nickel and gold tones to brass, copper and brown.

The color reproducibility of Ionbond’s decorative coatings is high, allowing multi-component product to present a uniform appearance. The surface structure of the coated part is preserved with these ultra-thin, very hard ceramic-like conformal coatings

Our coating solutions for luxury applications

Ionbond’s coating portfolio for decorative applications with its versatile Decobond ™ coatings offers the perfect solutions to elevate the appearance of a product due to an unique combination of visual appeal and functional benefits

Color impression stainless steel 7812

Decobond™ Stainless steel

Decorative PVD coatingDecobond™ coatings are used for applications where improved wear resistance and a bespoke and long lasting metallic look is required.  Typical applicati…
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Color impression anthracite 4622

Decobond™ Anthracite

Anthracite decorative PVD coating

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Color impression dark black 3323

Decobond™ Dark Black

Dark black decorative PVD coating

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Color impression gold 24 K 7412

Decobond™ Gold 24K

Gold 24K decorative PVD coating

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