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Over 50 years of world-wide experience

Ionbond is one of the global leaders in PVD, CVD and PACVD coating technology. From its coating centers in Europe, Asia and North America it offers a broad portfolio of application tailored coatings. Ionbond coatings are designed for a number of applications for industrial manufacturing processes as well as for mechanical components used in many markets.

Ionbond offers engineering support to its customer’s engineering and design teams in order to suggest the best possible coating, including pre-and post- coating finishes.

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Ionbond Aerospace Portrait


Enhance performance, decrease operation costs and push application limits

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Ionbond Automotive Portrait


Empowering sustainable future mobility with low-friction and wear-resistant coating solutions

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Ionbond Cutting Tools Portrait

Cutting Tools

State-of-the-art coatings for high-speed steels (HSS) and cemented carbide cutting tools

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Ionbond Deco Shower head Portrait


High quality decorative coatings to ensure perfect appearance in extreme environments

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Ionbond Food Portrait

Food contact

Safe and hard high-performance coatings for food processing

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Ionbond Forming Molding Portrait

Forming and Molding Tools

Improve productivity, maintain excellent product quality and minimize scrap rate

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Ionbond Fuel Cell Portrait

Coatings for Fuel Cells and Electrolyzers

Superior, reliable and low-cost coatings for metallic bipolar plates

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Ionbond Industrial Portrait

Coatings for industrial components

Boosting the performance of components for industrial machinery

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Ionbond Medical Portrait


Biocompatible certified coatings designed for medical applications

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