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Ambitious new Ionbond coating center in China

14 Oktober 2021

Ambitious new Ionbond coating center in China
Ionbond is pleased to announce the opening of our new physical vapor deposition (PVD) coating center in Wuxi, China. The very attractively designed coating center has an ambitious scale of 5790 m2 and room for the staff of 61 to grow to 100.
The new plant is expected to quickly grow to a yearly output of 15 to 30 million coated pieces with 11 coating machines and 3 cleaning lines. HongWu Wang, Country Manager China, says: “We are proud to welcome our customers to our new center, where we can confidently meet the high standards and requirements of many sectors.”

Wide range of coatings for a variety of industries
The new coating center was created to meet the coating needs of several industries: the automotive industry – with a specialization in coatings for fuel cell technology – the decorative coating sector, and the complex sector of industrial components. In addition, the coating center is currently providing coatings for medical equipment and forming tools, a service which will return to the Ionbond center in Kunshan in the future.

Are you looking for high-quality standard or custom coatings in any of these sectors? Or are you interested in developing a coating solution for another type of application? Please get in touch with Ionbond at Our engineering team will be happy to discuss your coating requirements.