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Global news

September 26, 2022

Upcoming webinar: Efficiency gains for the energy generation sector

As a company in energy generation sector, you are literally in the sector that powers the world. With increasing pressures on all sides – a growing population that is increasingly connected to the electricity…

September 07, 2022

New whitepaper for download: Plasma Nitriding for Duplex Coatings

Duplex coatings for forming and molding tool are Ionbond’s latest portfolio offering for highly demanding forming and molding applications. These coatings integrate plasma nitriding technology, and help our…

August 24, 2022

Medthin™ coatings to minimize cobalt release from orthopedic and spine implants

Leaching of cobalt ions into the human body is a risk with medical implants made of CoCrMo. Ionbond’s Medthin™ coatings reduce cobalt ion release by more than 98%, substantially increasing implant safety. In…

Juli 27, 2022

Ionbond™ Beschichtungsportfolio für Umform- und Formwerkzeuge - Fallstudien

Laden Sie unsere Fallstudien (in Englisch) für Umform- und Formwerkzeuge herunter, um einen ungefilterten Einblick in das Potenzial unserer Beschichtungslösungen für verschiedene Umformanwendungen zu erhalten.…

Juli 12, 2022

High-end coatings for reliable and cost-effective machining of complex Aerospace components made from difficult-to-cut materials

Machining operations for the aerospace sector are tough. Learn more about Ionbond’s Tetrabond™ Plus and Hardcut™ Plus coatings, developed for machining complex components and hard-to-machine materials.

Juli 07, 2022

Ionbond, a proven coating service partner for aerospace

The aerospace industry is a fascinating sector, with high quality requirements, cost pressures and safety criteria. Ionbond is proud to have over 30 years of experience in this challenging market, from our…

Juni 30, 2022

Ionbond exhibit at Farnborough International Airshow in the UK

We’re attending the FIA aerospace trade show (18-22 July). Come find us – and our technology partners, Bernex and Hauzer – to discuss the best aerospace coating for your applications.

Mai 19, 2022

Performance boost in aluminum forming: enabling cost-effective trimming of aluminum with Tetrabond™ (ta-C)

For companies in sheet metal forming, the generation of burrs and slivers is an ongoing challenge, especially when it comes to forming aluminum alloys. Burrs and slivers can reduce the final product quality…

Mai 04, 2022

Ionbond joins the AMMMT: serving the Mexican manufacturing industry with high-quality coatings

As part of our expansion and investments in Mexico, Ionbond recently joined the Asociacion Mexicana de Manufactura de Moldes y Troqueles (AMMMT), the national organization promoting high-quality manufacturing…

April 28, 2022

Ionbond stellt auf der Intertool in Wels, Österreich, aus

Ionbond freut sich auf die Teilnahme an der Intertool, Österreichs Fachmesse für Fertigungstechnik im Bereich Metallbearbeitung. Die Intertool findet vom 10. bis 13. Mai in Wels, Österreich, statt. Mit seiner…