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Global news

Mai 04, 2022

Ionbond joins the AMMMT: serving the Mexican manufacturing industry with high-quality coatings

As part of our expansion and investments in Mexico, Ionbond recently joined the Asociacion Mexicana de Manufactura de Moldes y Troqueles (AMMMT), the national organization promoting high-quality manufacturing…

April 28, 2022

Ionbond stellt auf der Intertool in Wels, Österreich, aus

Werden wir Sie in Österreich sehen?
Ionbond freut sich auf die Teilnahme an der Intertool, Österreichs Fachmesse für Fertigungstechnik im Bereich Metallbearbeitung. Die Intertool findet vom 10. bis 13. Mai in…

März 24, 2022

Ionbond UK, excellence in forming and molding tool coatings

The forming and molding tools sector is a very interesting market – it is steady business once a coating for a production line has been established and fast-moving to keep up with constant innovations in…

März 22, 2022

The best of two worlds - Ionbond™ 42 for forming high-strength aluminum

As one of the global leaders in PVD, CVD and PACVD coating technology, Ionbond™ had the foresight to spot an important global automotive engineering trend years ago – lightweight design. This trend aims to…

März 03, 2022

High-quality coating services for Mexican tool manufacturers

For companies based in Mexico, Ionbond offers a broad portfolio of high-quality coatings from our facilities in Monterrey and Silao. Our state-of-the-art equipment and teams of knowledgeable process engineers…

Februar 02, 2022

Ionbond at the Las Vegas SHOT Show

At the January 2022 Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trade (SHOT) Show in Las Vegas, Ionbond exhibited our high-quality firearms coatings. Our goal was to show our variety of firearms coatings and finishes and to…

Januar 27, 2022

Ionbond UK further expands capacity for decorative applications

IHI Ionbond is pleased to announce a significant investment in our decorative coating capacity: a Hauzer Flexicoat® 1500 PVD system. This large-scale coating system has an impressive coating zone of 0.9m…

Dezember 15, 2021

Extend the lifetime of your fuel cell system with Ionbond

Electrification of passenger cars and heavy transport vehicles is a trend that shows no sign of stopping, providing a wealth of opportunity for enterprising businesses. Ionbond’s protective carbon coatings can…

November 05, 2021

Supporting the Sodebo sailing team on a transatlantic race

Ionbond is proud to be supporting the Sodebo sailing team in the Transat Jacques Vabre trans- atlantic race. Starting from Le Havre in France on November 7, the trimaran Sodebo Ultim 3 will travel a distance…

Oktober 28, 2021

Take your automotive design to the next level with Ionbond

Chrome-plated design elements have defined the look and feel of luxury automobiles for over a century. However, these days, designers have more color options to make their designs stand out and convey a sense…