This newly installed equipment provides additional capacity and the ability to deposit next-generation Plus coatings – Maximizer™ Plus, Hardcut™ Plus, Crosscut™ Plus and Optimizer™ Plus. This consolidates the step up in performance for the Ionbond Italy coating facility in Cambiago, Lombardy. The extra capacity is a welcome addition to the facility’s current coating volume of more than 100,000 tools per month.

The Flexicoat 850 system was installed in autumn 2020 by IHI Hauzer Techno Coating, based in the Netherlands. The equipment features all the technological advancements we have come to expect from Hauzer. The capabilities of the CARC+ system are impressive, and it boasts new, high-efficiency arc sources that provide faster deposition rates and reduce cycle times. A new FIR plasma source etching system ensures the highest level of adhesion while maintaining smoothness. These combined features produce hard, dense and smooth high-performance coatings which set the benchmark in coating technology.

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With this addition, Ionbond Italy customers will also be able to benefit from the latest premium coating in the Ionbond Plus family: Optimizer™ Plus. At the top of our product line, and in addition to Crosscut™ Plus, this new AlCrN based coating is the optimal coating for wet and dry machining at medium to high speeds for milling, hobbing and bevel cutting operations with temperatures reaching up to 1080°C. The Ionbond-engineered coating design makes it suitable for the widest range of materials, from low to high tensile steels, cast irons, tool steels, stainless steels, titanium and nickel alloys.

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“We are all very enthusiastic about the installation of the new machine. It will allow us to increase our capacity and to better serve our customers with the extended offer of Plus coatings, which are getting more and more successful in the market. This investment in new, high-end coating technology addresses the growing needs of Italian tool manufacturers, regrinders and end users. This, along with the recent site relocation and related improvements we just completed, positions Ionbond Italy as the PVD coater of choice.”

Domenico Magnacca

Managing Director Ionbond Italy