Flash News Chicago West October 2020 news teaser

The new machine is ideal for depositing PVD Tribobond coatings (TB30, TB31 and TB33) and PVD/PACVD Tribobond DLC coatings (TB40, TB41, TB42 and TB46). Tribobond coatings have improved the performance and lifetime of tools and components for our customers in the aluminum forming, automotive, food packaging and medical industries with their high wear resistance, low coefficient of friction, chemical inertness and high load-bearing capacity. The West Chicago coating center has been a quality service provider for businesses in cutting tools, die-casting tools, forming tools and aerospace components. Our coating machines can coat parts up to 6000 lbs with multi-purpose coatings, and we also provide decoating, polishing and pick-up and delivery services. The addition of the Tribobond portfolio will help us meet the challenging and evolving application needs of our existing and new customers. Customers in diverse markets come to Ionbond with their coating needs because of our very comprehensive coating portfolio. As Surface Engineers, we partner with our customers to understand their application needs and offer customized coating solutions. The addition of this new coating platform is another facet of our commitment to these partnerships.