PVD povlaky Decobond™ pro sport a volnočasové aktivity

    To enhance the quality of life and good feeling people get from their sports and hobbies, Ionbond coatings give sports and hobby gear a special long-lasting touch in even the most challenging environmental conditions.  
    Ionbond’s hard, wear-resistant decorative coatings also serve additional purposes. They act as wear-protecting finishes, reducing friction between moving parts to extend the lifetime of the gear – an environmentally friendly choice – and to safeguard its accuracy. Our large selection of colors, including metallic and black, provides many choices for product differentiation.

    • Golfové hole
    • Lodní kování
    • Nože
    • Rybářské pruty a příslušenství

    • Obroučky slunečních brýlí
    • Komponenty silničních kol
    • Hudební nástroje