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Ionbond Turkey installs additional coating capacity in Bursa

01 July 2019

IHI Ionbond is pleased to announce a significant investment in a Hauzer Flexicoat 850 CARC+ system at its coating facility in Bursa, Turkey. The new coating system is a welcomed addition to the coating center, joining an existing park of coating machines including an additional CARC+ unit already on site.

Like its facility in Istanbul, the Bursa facility provides state of the art coating service solutions for a broad range of cutting and forming tool applications.  

The Flexicoat 850 system was installed and commissioned in May 2019 by Ionbond sister company, IHI Hauzer Techno Coating, based in The Netherlands. High performance “Plus” coatings, Maximizer Plus, Hardcut Plus & Crosscut Plus, are produced using a combination of new technologies ensuring the highest level of adhesion and wear resitance while maintaining smoothness. The additional capacity will allow us to continue growing our business by offering highly performing coatings and short delivery times for our customers.

Ionbond Turkey operates two coating service centers in the country, serving customers out of Istanbul and Bursa. Both sites are ISO 9001 certified.


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