Machining of plastics, graphite and composite materials

Not all materials fall under an ISO category. The non-ISO category includes thermoplastics (such as PEEK), thermosets, GFRP (glass-fiber-reinforced polymer/plastic), CFRP (carbon-fiber-reinforced Plastic), carbon fiber composites, aramid fiber reinforced plastic, hard rubber and graphite (technical). Various industries are now using those materials and composites to a large extent, especially in the aerospace industry.

Machinability varies greatly among those substrates. As an example, the structure of a composite material consists mainly of two components, namely matrix and reinforcement. The matrix of fiber-reinforced materials is chosen from different kinds of resins (epoxy, phenolic, polyester, etc.) while the reinforcement is selected from glass, carbon or aramid. In addition, the structure of the fibers themselves and their overlay further enrich the variety of those materials.

It is accepted that most of those material are (very) abrasive and that the coating selection requires specific tests for each material. Ionbond engineers would be happy to lend their expertise to this selection process.

Application example