Trauma plates, screws and tapers

Preventing micromotion issues in implants

Micromovements between two metal component, such as in the case of trauma plates, screws and tapers, can lead to fretting corrosion. Medthin coatings on trauma implants help prevent that.

  • Anti-galling or cold welding properties
  • Avoids fretting corrosion
  • Low friction
  • Reduces ion release
  • Available in different colors: TiN, ZrN, SiN, DLC

Micromovements in the range of <250 µm in the presence of corrosive body fluids remove the passive oxide film on stainless steel and titanium components. This leads to fretting corrosion, ion release from the implants and, in severe cases, generation of large quantities of oxidized metallic wear debris. Coatings such as Generation II Medthin™ 01 TiN or Generation III Medthin™ 42 DLC and Medthin 53 SiN (patented by Ionbond) help prevent these issues, increasing the lifetime and acceptance of coated products.