Surgical & dental instruments

Medthin™ coatings enhance hardness and provide scratch and chemical resistance while inhibiting bacterial proliferation on the surface of instruments. Every coating has a specific color, making them ideal for color coding. The Medthin™ coatings can be applied on many different substrate materials, including the full range of stainless steels, since the Medthin™ coating process preserves the original substrate hardness, sharp instrument tips and sharp edges for cleaner cuts.

The significant extension of instrument and tool lifetime make Medthin™ coatings an investment in cost efficiency and sustainability. The Medthin™ coating process is done in large vacuum chambers, so it is possible to fit in high quantities of instruments and tools at a very attractive price. For more information, please find the Ionbond coating center in your region.

Medthin™ benefits for surgical and dental instruments and tools:

  • Improved performance in bone cutting (e.g. Medthin™ 01)
  • Inhibition of bacterial proliferation/colonization (e.g. Medthin™ 04)
  • 70% reduction in light reflection (e.g. Medthin™ 20, Medthin™ DLCs)
  • High hardness provides scratch resistance (e.g. Medthin™ 42 DLC, all Medthin™)
  • Low friction and anti-galling (Medthin™ 04, 33, 40, 41, 42, 43)
  • Dielectric properties of DLC and SiOx (Medthin™ 43 and Medthin™ 51)
  • Color coding for surgical instruments (e.g. all Medthin™ coatings)