Spine implant components


Spinal disks have been made from stainless steels for a long time. However, MRI systems require the use of non magnetic materials. The alternative, non magnetic Ti and CoCr and their alloys, exhibit disadvantages in their wear (Ti) and ion release (CoCr) behavior. Medthin™ PVD and PACVD coatings have shown to be viable solutions to these problems. In addition, they increase the shock resistance.

  • Low friction
  • Wear reduction
  • Ion release reduction

Spine simulation tests with Medthin™ 43 coated TAV implants have shown a wear reduction of 60% compared to uncoated components. The reduction of UHMWPE wear debris helps to reduce inflammation which can require implant revision. Alternatively Medthin™ 01 TiN or Medthin™ 30 CrN confer great abrasive wear properties that are well suited for coating on coating (CoC) type bearings. Medthin™ coatings are applied on various spine implant components as, for instance, spine discs pedicle screws and spine guide rods.