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Biocompatible coatings for implants

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Coatings for orthopedic & spine implants

Orthopedic and spine implants are characterized by their long intended lifetimes, which means the implants should hold up to wear and cause no harmful effects for their recipient. Ionbond’s Medthin™ coatings provide the surface properties to support that goal.

  • Anti-allergy: For metal-sensitive patients, Medthin™ coatings reduce allergic reactions caused by metal ion release. Our biocompatible Medthin™ coatings act as a metal ion barrier, inhibiting 98% of Co or Ni ions released by the metal implant.
  • Wear reduction: Medthin™ coatings are hard and reduce wear and friction between articulating surfaces of the implant by up to 70%. This leads to less debris from UHMWPE and metal implants as well as an improved implant.
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Coatings for trauma plates, screws and tapers

Micromovements between two metal component, such as in the case of trauma plates, screws and tapers, can lead to fretting corrosion. Medthin™ coatings on trauma implants help prevent that. Micromovements in the range of <250 µm in the presence of corrosive body fluids remove the passive oxide film on stainless steel and titanium components. This leads to fretting corrosion, ion release from the implants and, in severe cases, generation of large quantities of oxidized metallic wear debris. Coatings such as Generation II Medthin™ 01 TiN or Generation III Medthin™ 42 DLC and Medthin™ 53 SiN (patented by Ionbond) help prevent these issues, increasing the lifetime and acceptance of coated products.

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Biocompatible Medthin™ coatings

  • Medthin™ 01 TiN-coated devices received several FDA 510(k)s referencing Ionbond’s Master File 1413. Currently, this generation II titanium nitride coating is deposited by the Ionbond sites in USA, Switzerland and China on a variety of orthopedic implants such as knee, shoulder and hip replacements.
  • Medthin™ 11 coating is known to reduce ion release from implant substrates materials such as CoCr, SS or TAV. Ionbond can currently deliver coating service ”me too” of “Medthin™ 11 TiNbN on Implants” from Europe and Asia using large coating chambers at attractive prices.
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Cell growth surface and Ti coating on PEEK and PEKK

Integration or fixation of medical implants in the bone is an important way to increase the stabilization of the implant and reduce adverse effects for patients. One way to achieve this is to promote cell attachment and/or bone ingrowth using titanium coatings. on CoCrMo, stainless steels or PEEK. For devices made of poly-ether-ether-ketone (PEEK) and poly-ether-ketone-ketone (PEKK), with good cell growth properties, the Medthin™ 65 Ti (metal) coating supports cell attachment. The Medthin™ 65 coating has important benefits for cell adhesion applications and PEEK/PEKK applications:

  • Cell attachment
  • Good coating adhesion on PEEK and PEKK
  • Tunable coating roughness
  • Preservation of the PEEK/PEKK structure

Titanium is deposited with generation II or generation III PVD technology, enabling high coating adhesion strength (>20MPa, according to ASTM F1147) and keeping the PEEK/PEKK structure properties intact with its low deposition temperature (<140°C). The effects of the coating process on the PEEK structure has been verified by differential scanning calorimetry (DSC) and Fourier-transform infrared spectroscopy (FTIR).

Medthin™ 65 Ti-coated PEEK spinal cages are transparent on X-ray, CT and MRI images, allowing surgeons to confirm the implant’s placement, position and integrity over time. This radiolucency makes it easier for doctors to confirm a good outcome and thereby helps prevent serious complications from spinal fusions due to a migrating implant.

Our coating solutions for implants

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Medthin™ 01 - Implants

A reference coating for implantsMedthin™ 01 coating is particularly suitable for improving articulating joints such as those of “Coating on UHMWPE” where polyethylene wear and ion release from substr…

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Medthin™ 11 - Implants

A possible alternative to TiN - in line with existing predicatesMedthin™ 11 coating is known to reduce ion release from implant substrates materials such as CoCr, SS or TAV. The coating is applied wi…

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Medthin™ 42 - Implants

Probably the best (hard) coating for implantsMedthin™ 42 coating combines high adhesion strength with low UHMWPE wear and nearly no ion release from the implant substrate reaches the body fluids from…

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Medthin™ 43 - Implants

The high class coating for implantsMedthin™ 43 coating is excellent to improve articulating joints such as those of “Coating on UHMWPE” where polyethylene wear and ion release from substrates (CoCr, …

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Medthin™ 60 - Implants

The high oxidation resistance coatingMedthin™ 60 coating is particularly suitable for improving articulating joints such as those of “Coating on UHMWPE” where polyethylene wear and ion release from s…

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