Medthin™ 48 Tetrabond

A reference for sharp tools and instruments

Medthin™ 48 Tetrabond is an excellent wear resistant carbon based coating with a hardness approaching that of natural diamond. It offers very good corrosion resistance and low friction. The coating is recommended for surgical instruments and tools like scalpels, drills and reamers where sharp cutting edges are key contributors to successful surgery. Other applications include medical devices subject to abrasive wear and/or corrosion. It can be applied to hardened and unhardened stainless steels, titanium and cobalt chrome alloys. The very thin coating exhibits ultra high hardness and maintains sharp cutting edges. Medthin™ 48 Tetrabond is deposited at 150 °C by means of Ionbond’s patented enhanced arc process.

Technical data




Coating thickness

0.5 - 2 μm

Service Temp.

450 °C

Deposition Temp.

150 °C

Hardness HV 0.05

6000 +/- 2000

Deposition method

PVD arc

Friction vs. steel, dry