Medthin™ 41 DLC

DLC coating with improved scratch resistance

Medthin 41 DLC is a multilayer coating with a WCC base layer and a pure DLC (carbon) top layer. Such engineered structure confers to Medthin 41 DLC a high fracture toughness, improved scratch resistance, high hardness and low friction.

Technical Data


Material Description

Multilayer DLC

Applicable on the following materials¹

all Stainless Steels, Titanium and Aluminium Alloys

Technologies of deposition




Thickness [µm]

1 to 5


Amorphous Diamond Like Carbon (top layer) on crystalline Cr+WCC base layers

Oxidation Resistance

Very high resistance to chemical oxidation as far as service temperature remains <300°C

Cleaning and Sterilization Resistance

Very High, all methods allowed


80% visible light absorption

Electrical Conductivity

Poor Conductor

Antibacterial properties

Not Measured

Nanohardness [GPa]

20 to 28

Young Modulus [GPa]

180 to 240

Friction coefficient²


Adhesion Scratch Test, LC3 [N]


Adhesion Rockwell or Mercedes test³

Class 1,2, HF1-3

Roughness (as coated) [nm]


Corrosion resistance – Neutral Salt Spray

Max 2 hours

Biocompatibility data for instruments

Passed ISO 10993-5, ISO 10993-10, ISO 10993-11


Delivered per request

MAF at FDA in the USA


Most popular applications

High fracture toughness, Low roughness, extremely low friction coefficient and high hardness

¹for any other material please contact ionbond
²against 100Cr6 steel ball
³Method either by ISO 26443 or VDI 3198

The values given are approximations and may vary depending on the application, environmental factors and test protocols.