Medthin™ 33 CrCN

Anti glare and tribological coating for instruments

Medthin™ 33 is a unique coating that combines the excellent adhesion and fracture toughness of CrN with the low light reflection properties of AlTiN and makes it an ideal coating for all kinds of surgical instruments. It is very well suited for light load applications where low friction properties are required and no or insufficient lubrication is available. Abrasive and adhesive wear resistance and the low friction properties result from the double phase structure where graphitic carbon in the coating grain boundaries act as a lubricant. The high resistance to alkaline and acidic cleaning and sterilization cycles, in combination with its other properties, makes it a superior alternative to chrome plating on surgical and dental instruments. Medthin™ 33 CrCN is deposited at temperatures below 230 °C. This low temperature process allows for a variety of instrument materials to be successfully coated below the respective tempering and annealing temperature, which ensures that no softening or geometrical changes occur.

Technical data




Light reflection reduction


Coating thickness

1 - 4 μm

Service Temp.

500 °C

Deposition Temp.

230 °C

Hardness HV 0.05

1400 +/- 200

Deposition method

PVD arc

Friction vs. steel, dry

0.2 - 0.6