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Cell growth surface and Ti coating on PEEK and PEKK


Cell attachment applications refer to coatings on the bone contact side of implants like knee prostheses, cervical disks and many more. The main prerequisite required for this type of coating is its osteointegrative capacity. For several years Ti coatings have been applied by means of vacuum plasma spray (VPS) with a coating thickness of 50 to 500 µm. Ionbond’s Medthin™ 65 Ti is a thin film with tunable surface roughness which can be deposited at a thickness of up to 20µm. It is a superior alternative to VPS, combining low thickness, low corrosion, high adhesion and good cell on-growth properties. The advantage of the thin coating is the absence of debris, often seen in thicker plasma sprayed coatings. New applications have been developed for implantable devices made of PEEK and PEKK where additional characteristics of the metallic film, such as its radiopacity and impermeability, are used. The adhesion of Medthin™ 65 Ti is >20MPa (according to ASTM F1147). It meets the requirements of various implants like spine cages (radiopacity) and hearing aid cages (impermeability in combination with Medthin™ 43 ADLC).

  • Cell on-growth
  • Low thickness
  • Good adhesion on PEEK and PEKK
  • Tunable roughness
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