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Cardiovascular implant devices include pacemakers, coronary stents, heart valves, annuloplasty rings and guidewires. Medthin™ 43 ADLC, a dense carbon-based coating, is ideal for coating of implantable cardiovascular components, providing properties that help increase the lifetime of the devices and reduce the probability of patients needing further surgery:

  • Hemocompatibility
    • Lower adsorption of high-molecular-weight proteins onto materials coated with Medthin™ 43 ADLC
    • Lower blood thrombus attachment/deposition on ADLC, compared to Ti surfaces
  • Low friction
  • Reduced ion release

Our coating solutions for cardiovascular devices

Medical Knee Implant Gold

Medthin™ 11 - Implants

A possible alternative to TiN - in line with existing predicatesMedthin™ 11 coating is known to reduce ion release from implant substrates materials such as CoCr, SS or TAV. …
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Medthin 42 acetabular insert

Medthin™ 42 - Implants

Probably the best (hard) coating for implantsMedthin™ 42 coating combines high adhesion strength with low UHMWPE wear and nearly no ion release from the implant substrate rea…
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Medical disco cervical

Medthin™ 43 - Implants

The high class coating for implantsMedthin™ 43 coating is excellent to improve articulating joints such as those of “Coating on UHMWPE” where polyethylene wear and ion releas…
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Knee prothesis gold

Medthin™ 60 - Implants

The high oxidation resistance coatingMedthin™ 60 coating is particularly suitable for improving articulating joints such as those of “Coating on UHMWPE” where polyethylene we…
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