Medthin™ coatings for medical applications

The new generation of biocompatible Medthin™ coatings are used on a wide variety of medical implants and instruments.

The thin-film Medthin™ coatings were designed with medical applications in mind, at the Ionbond medical competence center in Switzerland. These biocompatible coatings are designed to increase product lifetime and reduce adverse patient reactions.

Advantages of Medthin™ coatings

Medthin™ coatings have excellent properties.

High adhesion to substrates such as titanium, CoCrMo and stainless steel grades

High resistance to mechanical and chemical degradation

High hardness and scratch resistance

Low friction and wear

Substantial reduction of nickel or cobalt ion release

Reduction of bacterial proliferation

Skelleton with implants

Certified medical coating services

The Ionbond coating service centers that provide Medthin™ coatings in Europe, North America and Asia are ISO 13485-certified and employ validated systems for coating and coating processes. Full product traceability and 100% batch integrity are consequential quality attributes. Medthin™ coatings have been tested for biocompatibility according to the ISO 10993-1 standard by independent, certified laboratories. They are approved for use with external and internal medical devices that come into contact with bone, skin, tissue or blood. For specific applications, we can provide wear simulator reports and other application-relevant tests. Some Medthin™ coatings have US FDA Master Files (MAF) that our customers can reference for clearance of Medthin™ coated medical devices in USA.

Medical coating applications

Medical Knee Implant Light Gold

Orthopedic & Spine Implants

Orthopedic and spine implants are characterized by their long intended lifetimes, which means the implants should hold up to wear and cause no harmful effects for their recipient. Ionbond’s Medthin™ coatings provide the surface properties to support that goal.

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Bone punches

Coatings for surgical & dental instruments

Medthin™ coatings enhance hardness and provide scratch and chemical resistance while inhibiting bacterial proliferation on the surface of instruments.

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cardiovescular heart cancer treatment - non transparent

Coatings for cardiovascular devices

Dense carbon-based coatings, are ideal for coating of implantable cardiovascular components, providing properties that help increase the lifetime of the devices and reduce the probability of patients needing further surgery.

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