Continuous external turning of 1.6582 Steel

Finding the right coating for an OEM machining 1.6582 steel with CNMG inserts. The steel has an HRC of 28. The machining process uses a cutting speed of 210 m/min, a feed of 0.3 mm per revolution and an axial depth of 2.5mm.

Problems encountered:

Recommendation is a coating with:

  • Heat generated during continuous cutting
  • Thick coating
  • Thermal wear/deformation
  • High temperature resistance

Our recommondation

Ionbond™ CVD 29 HSA Plus, is exceptionally well-suited for high-volume machining of cast iron and cast steel at medium to high cutting speeds and high temperatures due to the thermo-dynamically stable structure of its ceramic content.

Ionbond™ CVD 29 HSA Plus