Plastic molding

Coatings for Plastic Molding

Molds for plastic molding processes, used in industries such as food packaging, automotive and cosmetics, are often subjected to highly abrasive and corrosive conditions due to fillers and resins, sticking of the parts to the mold, and fretting of sliding parts. The right coating solution for molds and sliding parts can significantly improve tool life. It can also reduce scrap rates by improving product release, details and finish.

Plastic Molding coating applications

Ionbond coatings have a proven track record in the following plastics processing applications:

Plastic Injection Molding

Film Extrusion


Plastic Injection Molding

For plastic injection molding processes, abrasive, corrosive and frictional wear are important causes of reduced tool lifetime. Tools such as cavities, cores, ejectors, runners and sprue bushings suffer abrasive wear due to glass-filled plastics, corrosive wear due to outgassing of acidic gases from resins, and frictional wear during processing and ejection steps. To extend tool life and improve product quality, Ionbond™ PVD and PACVD coatings provide tools with abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance and low-friction surfaces in applications involving a wide range of technical plastics such as PE, PC, PET, PP, PS, and PVC.

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Film Extrusion

Film extrusion of plastics such as PVC poses unique challenges to tools. The corrosive outgassing of the resin attacks the traditionally chrome-plated tools, causing tool failures and production stoppages. Ionbond™ PVD coatings provide the corrosion resistance to protect and improve tool life. The abrasive wear resistance of Ionbond™ PVD coatings facilitates the cleaning of the tools after batch or color changes without affecting its surface quality.

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