Ionbond™ 90 Concept

Next generation PVD coating for use in demanding metalforming applications

Ionbond 90 Concept is a next generation PVD coating designed to provide superior performance in a wide variety of metal forming applications, especially the most demanding cold forming applications. The combination of high hardness, low coefficient of friction, and excellent resistance to cracking under mechanical fatigue conditions enables Ionbond 90 Concept to provide superior performance to traditional PVD coatings such as TiN, TiCN, TiAlN, CrN, and TiCrN. It also is a viable alternative to CVD or TD coatings considering that Ionbond Concept 90 can provide comparable or superiour performance to these solutions.

Ionbond 90 Concept is targeted for the most demanding metalforming applications. Included in these applications are piercing and forming of AHSS and austenitc stainless steel alloys, cold forging, fineblanking powder metal compaction and forming of low carbon steel alloys with thicknesses greater than 2 mm. Deposition as a duplex coating by combining Ionbond 90 with nitriding of the tool material will significantly improve the tool performance.

Ionbond 90 Concept is generally deposited between 300-400°C. These processing temperatures require tool materials to be tempered at higher temperatures in order to avoid softening or dimensional changes. It can easily be combined with ion or low pressure nitriding in applications requiring added mechanical support.

Technical Data






Thickness range

6 - 8 µm

Microhardness, HV 0.05


Friction vs. Steel (dry)


Max. service Temperature


Process Temperature