Ionbond™ 62 TiCN + MoS2

Premium PVD coating for use in metal forming applications

Ionbond 62 combines the hardness, toughness and wear resistance of PVD TiCN with the ultra low coefficient of friction of a solid lubricant coating to produce a more efficient product in metal forming applications where sliding friction is the root cause of tool failure. Ionbond 62 provides excellent performance in forming applications involving ferritic and austenitic stainless steels, high strength low alloy (HSLA) and advanced high strength steels (AHSS), galvanized, pre-painted, or coated materials, copper alloys, nickel alloys and titanium. Depending on the application or the tool material, Ionbond 62 may need to be combined with nitriding in order to achieve maximum performance.

The characteristics of Ionbond 62 make it ideal for applications where high friction results in high extraction forces for tools. It is ideally used for piercing, particularly in thick gauge or high strength material, powdered metal compaction and plastic molding ejector pin applications.

The TiCN component included in Ionbond 62 is deposited at 425°C. Therefore it is recommended that tool materials be tempered above 500°C in order to avoid softening or dimensional changes.

Technical Data



TiCN + MoS2



Thickness range

2 - 4 µm

Microhardness, HV 0.05

3000 / 2000

Friction vs. Steel (dry)


Max. service Temperature


Process Temperature

425 / 150°C