Ionbond™ 42 Cr + CrN + a-C:H

PVD DLC Coating for premium performance in metalforming and plastic injection molding applications

Ionbond 42 is a DLC coating with superior fatigue resistance, excellent abrasive wear and galling resistance and a low coefficient of friction. This combination makes it the preferred coating over other DLC coatings for forming of nonferrous metals in demanding applications, such as trimming aluminum sheets. Ionbond 42 is particularly well suited for applications where limited lubrication is employed.  

The low friction and wear characteristic combined with the superb fatigue properties promotes Ionbond 42  to be used over other DLC coatings in plastic injection molding. The increased hardness protects tools from
damage during routine handling. Ejector pins, slide cores, bottle closures and video disc molds are typical examples of where Ionbond 42 is used.

Ionbond 42 is deposited between 200°C and 250°C. The process allows coating of a wide variety of tool materials below their respective tempering temperature. This ensures that no softening or dimensional changes will occur.

Technical Data



Cr + CrN + a-C:H



Thickness range

2 - 5 µm

Microhardness, HV 0.05

2000 - 2800

Friction vs. Steel (dry)


Max. service Temperature


Process Temperature