Ionbond™ 40 a-C:H:W

Versatile PVD DLC coating for use in metalforming and plastic injection molding applications

Ionbond™ 40 is a DLC coating well suited for forming tools for galvanized, prepainted or aluminized sheet steels. The higher levels of toughness in Ionbond™ 40, which results in an improved resistance to cracking, compared to other carbon based coatings makes it a preferred coating in forming of nonferrous materials where pressures are high. The low coefficient of friction of Ionbond™ 40 allows it to be used in plastic injection molding applications where sliding friction contributes to tool failure. Ejector pins, slide cores, and tools for bottle closures are common examples of where Ionbond™ 40 is used in plastic injection molding. Ionbond™ 40 is deposited between 160 and 250 °C. The process allows a wide variety of tool materials to be coated below the respective tempering temperature which ensures that no softening or dimensional changes occur.

Technical data




Coating thickness

4 - 6 μm

Service Temp.

350 °C

Deposition Temp.

160 - 250 °C

Hardness HV 0.05


Deposition method


Friction vs. steel, dry