Ionbond™ 35 CrWN

PVD coating for use in aluminum die casting, hot stamping & plastic injection molding applications

Ionbond 35 provides superior performance to PVD TiAlN and CrN coatings in aluminum die casting applications. Ionbond 35 exhibits excellent resistance to penetration by molten aluminum, high abrasive wear resistance to the silicon common in die casting alloys, and superior thermal fatigue resistance. These properties lead to improved resistance to soldering (aluminum sticking) and erosion that are the common tool failure modes in aluminum die casting applications.

Its high thermal stability, resistance to aluminum corrosive attack and mechanical fatigue resistance make Ionbond 35 a superior candidte for aluminum extrusion, and hot stamping or press hardening applications, particularly those where the steel material is coated with an aluminum alloy. Due to its excellent properties, nitriding of the tool material can be dispensed with in many cases without affecting the tool performance. Further, the equiaxed grain structure of Ionbond 35 produces superior corrosion resistance allowing it to perform well in plastic molding applications utilizing resins that produce corrosive vapors during the process.

Ionbond 35 can be deposited over a wide range of temperatures. This versatile process allows a variety of tool materials  to be successfully coated below the respective tempering temperature which ensures that no softening or dimensional changes will occur.

Technical Data






Thickness range

5 - 8 µm

Microhardness, HV 0.05

3000 - 3200

Friction vs. Steel (dry)


Max. service Temperature


Process Temperature