Ionbond™ 347 CrN/CrON

Next generation oxynitride CrN/CrON coating for use in plastic molding applications

Ionbond 347 is a multi-layered CrN/CrON oxynitride coating. It provides superior performance to traditional PVD TiN and CrN coatings in plastic molding applications. Ionbond 347 exhibits excellent resistance to adhesive wear and abrasive wear during processing of technical plastics and a superior mechanical and thermal fatigue resistance. These properties lead to increased productivity, machine availability and minimized scrap rate.

The low adhesion tendency of its CrON top layer towards all common thermoplastics and elastomers minimizes adhesive wear and sticking of the injected plastic parts to the mold. The excellent wear and impact fatigue resistance of the supporting CrN multilayer structure avoid abrasive wear of the mold by the technical plastics and its additives, such as glass fibers and hard particles to maintain surface appearance and ensure excellent product quality. The CrN multilayer structure in combination with the dense amorphous CrON top layer contributes to an increased corrosion resistance compared to a monolayer TiN or CrN coating.

Ionbond 347 is also available as duplex coating with a plasma nitriding of the mold prior to PVD coating. This can additionally help to increase the impact fatigue and corrosion resistance of the coating. Ionbond 347 can be deposited over a wide range of temperatures. This versatile process allows a variety of tool materials to be successfully coated below the respective tempering temperature which ensures that no softening or dimensional changes will occur.

Technical Data






Thickness range

3 - 5 µm

Hardness HV 0.02

> 3000

Roughness Ra (Rz) as deposited

< 0.03 µm (< 0.8 µm)

Service temperature


Process temperature

< 300°C

Adhesion (depending on tooling material)

very good – HF1 to HF2 (depending on tooling material)

Coefficient of friction (dry)



Dark grey - blue