Ionbond™ 22 AlTiCrN

Versatile PVD Coating for use in metalforming and plastic injection molding applications

Ionbond™ 22 is an AlTiCrN coating that possesses excellent toughness, wear resistance, and galling resistance. This combination of properties makes Ionbond™ 22 a good coating candidate for light to medium forming applications, including those involving carbon steels, austenitic stainless steels, galvanized, prepainted or coated steels, and copper alloys. The ability to combine Ionbond™ 22 with nitriding expands its successful application to include higher strength materials such as ferritic stainless steels, high strength low alloy steels (HSLA), and advanced high strength steel (AHSS) applications. Furthermore, Ionbond™ 22 has an excellent thermal stability and corrosion resistance, which, when combined with nitriding, enables it to be used in high temperature forming applications such as die casting, hot extrusion, hot stamping, and hot forging. For aluminum die casting applications, Ionbond™ 22 is particularly effective in reducing both the erosive wear and the sticking of aluminum that are so prevalent in these applications. Ionbond™ 22 is generally deposited between 450-550 °C. These processing temperatures require tool materials to be tempered at higher temperatures in order to avoid softening or dimensional changes.

Technical data




Coating thickness

3 - 8 μm

Service Temp.

850 °C

Deposition Temp.

450 - 550 °C

Hardness HV 0.05


Deposition method

PVD arc

Friction vs. steel, dry