Ionbond™ CVD 13 TiN-TiC-TiN

Traditional CVD Coating for use in metalforming applications

High hardness, toughness, and wear resistance make Ionbond CVD 13 a versatile product for open tolerance tooling used in light to medium metal
forming applications. In addition, the toughness under impact loading makes Ionbond™ CVD 13 an excellent product for open tolerance tooling used in cold forging and fastener trim die applications.

Since Ionbond CVD 13 is deposited by means of the CVD process, they can be deposited onto tools with small openings, complex geometries and long aspect ratios (> 1:1). This capability makes it a viable solution for wire drawing, warm and hot extrusion, and some plastic molding injection nozzle applications. Ionbond™ CVD 13 is an excellent choice for ceramic or non steel tool materials in order to promote superior coating adhesion.

Ionbond CVD 13 is deposited at 1000 °C. Therefore it is only recommended for tool materials compatible with the CVD process. In addition, dimensional change will occur on tool steel materials coated with IonbondCVD 13. Therefore, sufficient dimensional tolerances are required to accommodate the expected dimensional change.

Technical Data



TiCN - TiC - TiN



Thickness range

6 - 10 µm

Microhardness, HV 0.05

2600 - 2800

Friction vs. Steel (dry)


Max. service Temperature


Process Temperature