Decobond™ PVD and Tribobond™ PACVD coatings for vehicles, aircrafts, and boats

Ionbond has a good portfolio of coatings to service exterior and interior parts for vehicles, aircrafts, and boats. The Decobond series differentiate design components from the typical chromium offering. Depending on the market the colors go well with leather, metal, and wood accents. This type of customer base is really fascinated by the durability and metal feel and touch of the offered coatings.

Most of the coatings went through extensive testing at recognized laboratories and large OEMs.

Markets that are currently taking advantage of the Decobond line are:

  • Automotive interior and exterior parts
  • Motor Cycles
  • ATVs

  • Private Jets
  • Yachts

For automotive parts, Ionbond can offer such Decobond coatings from IATF 16949 certified coating centers.