Diamondblack™ ADLC and Decobond™ coatings for luxury goods

Ionbond has developed the plasma assisted chemical vapor deposition (PACVD) process for the coating of DLC or ADLC (diamond like carbon). Decobond™ decorative PVD coatings provide properties similar to the DLC coatings but offer a broad range of metallic colors from grey, nickel and gold tones to brass and copper into brown. The consistency of color reproducibility results in multi-component products presenting a uniform appearance. The ultra thin conformal coatings preserve the surface structure of the coated part. Brushed surfaces keep the structure and highly polished surfaces keep their shine. The Ionbond coatings are applied on many luxury items while working with key OEM’s and design houses:

  • Watches
  • Jewelry

  • Designer accessories
  • Utensils