Decobond™ decorative PVD coatings on sports and hobby gear

To enhance the quality of life and good feeling people get from their sports and hobbies, Ionbond coatings give sports and hobby gear a special long-lasting touch in even the most challenging environmental conditions.  
Ionbond’s hard, wear-resistant decorative coatings also serve additional purposes. They act as wear-protecting finishes, reducing friction between moving parts to extend the lifetime of the gear – an environmentally friendly choice – and to safeguard its accuracy. Our large selection of colors, including metallic and black, provides many choices for product differentiation.

  • Golf clubs
  • Darts
  • Knives
  • Diving
  • Skying

  • Fishing rods and accessories
  • Sunglasses frames
  • Bike components
  • Musical instruments
  • Slot machines