Re-coating & de-coating treatments

Accessing the entire benefits of the coating for high-performance applications requires specialized methods and knowledge of surface preparation. A low roughness and tailored cutting edge radii can be controlled by pre- and post-coating treatments. Ionbond has developed several technologies that are selected and applied based on the nature of the coating and the requirement of the tool.

  • Microblasting
  • Brushing

  • Drag finishing
  • Polishing


Coated tools can be recoated several times. Recoating of reground tools restores the full performance and extends the service life before a complete stripping and reconditioning or disposal of the tools is required.


Ionbond has developed specialized methods for decoating of expensive HSS and cemented carbide tools. The stripping process removes the coating without attacking the tool material or changing the geometry. The cutting features of the refreshed tool can be re-ground and coated in order to restore the original performance and extend the tool lifetime.

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